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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Eating in the City

New York is much like New Orleans, at least for me, in that it can be difficult to find bad food. Sadly, this trip has not, so far, provided the opportunity to demonstrate that culinary point.

Yesterday's breakfast in the Hampton was above my expectation. Bacon and eggs.

This morning's breakfast was less the memorable. At least most of us would seek to not remember the curiously round fried eggs with sausage gravy. The sausage in the gravy was equally curiously round.

I did not take a pic of today's breakfast. You will probably thank me for that.

Yesterday's supper was the 12-inch veggie patty sandwich from Subway.

Here's the picture of the bag.

Today's supper was exactly the same, except I bought four Cokes in case the snow blocks my door. Well, two were Sprites.

You thought I'd buy bread and milk? In Manhattan? Good grief.

But what about lunch?

Yesterday, lunch was a $2.95 bottle of 5-hour energy drink. And a lot of email.

Today, I had the $10 burger from the Bloo-Kool behind the hotel. It was one of the best burgers I've had in ages. The gentlemen cooking in that little closet know what they're doing.

Well, I also had a few screens at the SWA reschedule site.

Most importantly, I didn't wear a Flying Nun shirt today.

And I was not arrested once, even if the FB peeps said I looked distinguished.


Diana said...

I can't believe you're stuck there! Boo!

Jim Penny said...

I might get out Saturday afternoon.