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Monday, February 22, 2010

Alpha and omega with a long, if pleasant, roadtrip

With one day in the office, I left for a scheduled trip to San Francisco  The one day in the office part was the result of the snow storm, mostly now forgotten unless you live in it.

They took care of me while I was stuck in New York City.  One could do worse than ride our a snow storm in SoHo.

Here's my first room in the City.  They give me something a notch better than I usually get.

But at some point, I wore out my welcome with the pretty people, so they moved me.

At some point, I also ran out of clean-ish clothes.  I did not seek to scrub anything in the tub.

During all that, I had to host two conference calls.  Yes, I emailed the wrong number.

I finally made it home, just in time to spend a night a with my blessed pillow.

And yes, I'm home one Sunday afternoon with just enough time to clear out most of the dead stuff in the fridge.

Now in downtown SFO, I show off my $350 a night room.  Can you see a coffee maker?  Noooooo!!!!!

Only to come home as scheduled to unexpected science experiments in the fridge.

At least we caught up on a little sleep last night!  W00T!!!

That'll help with the abject misery of the lost yogurt and buttermilk.

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