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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Spirit guides and me

Last night's fortune cookie was a little different from the norm.

"Spirit guides accompany you."

Cool, as long as they're quiet while I'm trying to sleep.

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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Making chickpea salad

Tum is sad, and some chickpea salad might sit well, and a trip to Food Lion set the events into motion.

A pound of dried chickpeas is boiling in the pot. I almost bought canned peas, but I decided I wanted to rehydrate and cook my own.

We also have veggies to add.

First, we chopped a lot of curly parsley, and put it in the containers.

Then the red bell pepper.

Followed by a green one.

It has only been in the last five years that I could eat bell peppers without burping them for the next week.

Some Roma maters with the innards removed.

And a red onion.

Pronounced awn-yawn.

It all goes in the containers.

With a very large splash of balsamic vinegar.

With an equally large splash of olive oil.

Put the lid on the container, shake vigorously, and set it all aside while the chickpeas cook.

The vinegar will help prevent the veggies from oxidizing and turning unappealing colors.

The peas needed a few hours to cook, but they finally made it. Think about three hours.

I split the between the two containers, shook both hard, and stuck them both in the fridge where they'll sit overnight while the flavors marry.

While this was happening, I also mopped the floor. Barefooted. But not pregnant. Hay, there's only so much I can manage.

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Surprises at my Food Lion

OK, so it's time to get a few groceries. Just the basics. I don't want too much because it'll just go bad during the next road trip.

I'm cruising the meat case looking for those red tags that tell me I'll like the meat better.

I see lobster tails! Small but surely good. Then I check the price.

Whoa!!!! Bro thinks it a mistake. If so, they made it four times. We'll be leaving the Canadian tails in the case today.

Then I see the frog legs.

Five bucks for a pair of big ones. I used to gig these things years ago. Not a bad price, but we'll be leaving the legs in the case today also.

Maybe next time.

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Miss Beverly Hills clarifies her faith in gay-damning Leviticus verses


OK, so the gal clarifies her issue regarding killing gay people. What she omits is the manner in which she would kill the gay people she finds. I assume she would go for stoning.

On another point, she remains silent regarding how she kills kittens and puppies.

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

A heinous start to my day

It was just dark out the window for so long. Then grey. Then snow.

I could just spit.

The car was wrapped up.

The glacier was growing closer and closer.

And how can I see through this snow covered mirror?

Meanwhile, a bud in Chicago has far worse out his office window.

That would be the wrong direction in which to relocate.

Better to think something else.

With better flowers

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Two Teachers One Chair: Naughty Lap Dance Video Gets High School Teachers Suspended


You really do want to visit the CBS link and watch the YouTube vid.

What happened: During the cheering at Churchill High School, senior gym teacher Chrystie Fitchner, dressed as a cheerleader, got a lap dance lesson from a male teacher dressed as a football player, wearing number 13.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Can someone explain this?

Usually, I have a flock of lady bugs flitting about my bedroom. I do not know how they get in.

Tonight, it's a sole stink bug.

Someone is telling me something.

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Death Clouds in Daytona Beach submit to the USAF Death Abs

We had death clouds yesterday in Daytona Beach. It's that time of year, you know.

Followed by

Such clouds don't last long when presented with USAF Death Abs in acrobatic planes.

We appear to be on good hands.

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Alpha and omega with a long, if pleasant, roadtrip

With one day in the office, I left for a scheduled trip to San Francisco  The one day in the office part was the result of the snow storm, mostly now forgotten unless you live in it.

They took care of me while I was stuck in New York City.  One could do worse than ride our a snow storm in SoHo.

Here's my first room in the City.  They give me something a notch better than I usually get.

But at some point, I wore out my welcome with the pretty people, so they moved me.

At some point, I also ran out of clean-ish clothes.  I did not seek to scrub anything in the tub.

During all that, I had to host two conference calls.  Yes, I emailed the wrong number.

I finally made it home, just in time to spend a night a with my blessed pillow.

And yes, I'm home one Sunday afternoon with just enough time to clear out most of the dead stuff in the fridge.

Now in downtown SFO, I show off my $350 a night room.  Can you see a coffee maker?  Noooooo!!!!!

Only to come home as scheduled to unexpected science experiments in the fridge.

At least we caught up on a little sleep last night!  W00T!!!

That'll help with the abject misery of the lost yogurt and buttermilk.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

It is just not right and you know it

My Cubano friend from SFO and his morena traveling companion have just experienced a gravity surge.

What was a view of his profile between the seats

has become entangled locks.

Now I have absolutely no problem with this except for one thing.

If the two cuties in Suite 23ABC were to do the same thing, there would be looks, not of the smiling variety, from the people waiting for the rear bathroom.

So they'll have to remain as there are.

Perhaps I should offer to defend their right to snuggle on an airplane.

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Sleepy feets on a Southwest plane

I knew I should have brought some white socks.

I just never seem to get the memo, but wait! I don't have any white socks.

I KNEW I was doomed.

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Views from my private suite on the Southwest plane

So here I am, stretched out in Suite 23DEF, enjoying the views I find in the different directions.

First, to my right, someone has plowed the sky.

To my left, two enticements.

The one in Suite 22ABC needs a snuggle bunny. And someone should lower that window so his cords would show up better.

In Suite 23ABC, I would do so well as the peanut butter, even if they are a little wiggly.

The butch attendent woke up cord boy to eat his bagel while she was bringing my catered breakfast.

I wonder who tossled his hair.

Breakfast today is just what my sad tummy needs.

Salty stuff and coke.

Meanwhile, the cute fellow in the seat in front of me who was ever so friendly to me in the airport with a wink and a smile is now he leaning into his female traveling companion.

Did I turn him straight, or might she be his beard?

We might never know, what with my propensity to shut down conversation on airplanes.

Meanwhile, is not two and three hours of sleep a night sufficient punishment? Do you really need for me to roll over half awake, scratch the itch on my hand, and pull out a plug?

I mean, come on! The on-going torture of Jim should be sufficient. Why do you need to leave the sheets in such a condition that the poorly paid ESL gal has to change them after one night?

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Nightmares in Skymall Magazine

So I'm sitting at 35,000 feet, sipping coffee in my private suite on Southwest headed to San Francisco by way of Chicago.

Bored out of my skull, we have to find something to prevent brainerical implosion.

Think Skymall Magazine. Full of interesting and overpriced toys.

And professional nightmares for me.

First up. For $100, the world's smallest camcorder. Three hours of secret agent recording from my shirt pocket.

Do you know how many exams I manage that last three hours?

Second up. Yep, another $100. Recording pens. Voice. Vid. Still. Play an MP3 while you're at it.

64 hours of sound. Probably about three of video.

Take the price to $150. Think four hours of video in your ball point pen.

For $200, you might expect even smaller, but no, we have recording sunglasses. These would be a little harder to conceal.

All of this leaving me to think that I might have been better off bored with brainerical implosion, and perhaps my Christmas list should include either this

or this

If not Carribean real estate.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Majority Of Americans Don't Think Obama Deserves Second Term


The question: Do you think Barack Obama deserves to be re-elected, or not?

The answer: If you're like most Americans, your answer is "No" according to a poll released on Tuesday by CNN. The perception was even worse for members of Congress nationwide -- but respondents still indicated they were likely to reelect their current Representative.

Back up, folks. If you think Obama is doing poorly, consider the alternative that was before us. Palin would have been the heir apparant? Good grief! We're in tall cotton by comparison.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

China searches for 100 tonnes of melamine-tainted milk


What happened: China has seized 72 tonnes of milk powder believed to be tainted with melamine and is searching for another 100 tonnes, state media has reported.

The problem: The powder is thought to be from a batch recalled after it killed six children in 2008 and made 300,000 ill.

Two years? And they still don't have it all? Is it packed in camo? Too bad the milk powder doesn't utter the occasional remark about civil liberty. It'd be tracked down and killed overnight.

More details:


10 Sept 2008: Fourteen babies reported ill in Gansu province

15 Sept: Beijing confirms first deaths from the contamination

22 Sept: Number of ill babies soars to tens of thousands

23 Sept: Other countries start to recall Chinese dairy products

31 Oct: Melamine routinely added to animal feed, say China media

23 Dec: Main dairy firm involved, Sanlu, goes bankrupt

31 Dec: Four senior Sanlu executives go on trial

2 Jan 2009: Firms say sorry in mass New Year text message

22 Jan: Two men sentenced to death and 19 jailed in Hebei

March: Higher courts reject appeals

24 Nov: Zhang Yujun and Geng Jinping executed

BTW, the quality of milk powder is assessed by the protein content. However, the protein content is assessed indirectly by measuring the nitrogen content. Enter melamine, which increases the nitrogen content , but which is also difficult to detect directly. Ingestion of melamine leads to kidney stones and kidney failure.

Melamine is used in the manufacture of plastics and fertilizer.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

North Korea celebrates leader Kim Jong-il's birthday


Such the welcome, they present.

The event: North Korea has been holding birthday celebrations for its leader, Kim Jong-il, who with the military holds a firm grip on his country.

The legend: Official accounts say he was born on 16 February 1942, on Mount Paektu, a sacred site for Koreans, with a double rainbow and a bright star marking the event.

The more likely reality: Most analysts believe he was in fact born in Siberia, where his father was in exile. Some put the birth year at 1941.

The sadness: How often do we still see this nonsense where a government wallows in its myopic selfishness while the populace starves? There is no justifiable reason why countries such as North Korea remain cloaked in darkness and shrouded in starvation.

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The end of a long roadtrip

I left last Sunday afternoon, expecting to return Wednesday.  Even though I was staying in the Hampton in Manhattan, the accommodations were above average.

After Wednesday, I had worn out my welcome on the Pretty People Floor.

My room was three feet wider than the king size bed...on three sides.

Of course, I ran out of undies.

And then I unexpectedly entertained my peeps during a conference call.

Finally home, after 6, not 2, days.

It's my duty

And I do it well.  I get to embarrass Lily and Josh on Valentine's day.  Oh yes, we have visitations from Nostatomous and Tostatmous.  These are leathery flying dinosaurs that eat the noses and toeses of not quite sleeping children.

Now, just hush.  It's no worse than babies falling out of trees when the wind blows.  Besides, they were more about the tickles.

For Lil...

and for Josh...

And yes, I was yet again stone cold sober for those two vids.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Eating in harm's way

I turned my back on a Subway, literally, and chowed down on some backed ziti.

I would have gone over for tha Asian food, but I just didn't have the energy to step into a Margaret Cho routine. The accents were thick over there, not that I have all that much room to talk when it comes to accents.

Do I look up from my ziti.

If that pilot zigs when he should zag, I'll lose my ziti.

Meanwhile, we have a sunset on the other side of the terminal.

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Headed home

After six days in the Manhattan Hampton where I met the full rotation of the thawed to order breakfasts, Southwest chartered a flight just for me.

Of course, they let me sit in my personal seat.

Except this time, I spread out to take in the full luxury.

To celebrate, we had sweet nuts.

And salty nuts!

And an bottomless cup of that delightful coffee.

No, I did not sweeten the coffee with a taste of Carribean sunshine. I must drive when, if, I ever get to Raleigh.

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