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Saturday, January 23, 2010

What a pleasant way to awake on a Saturday

Waking at 6 am on a Saturday would normally leave me substantially grumpy, and it was with a grand harumph that I rolled over and reached for the phone.

What I found there left me flattered so early this morning.

Yesterday, I made a comment about a delightful collage one peep had made for another, and I even wrote about it here. That comment led to me being collaged, and yes, I am aware that I have just added a verb to the language. Sometimes we just have to do that.

Here are the base pics.


Hair!!! Not to mention the very good company of Mae West.



And #3


And here's where we wind up.

Diva? Methinks this one knows me bettterer than most.

Now, let's go fetch some tea.

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Diana said...

That is a pretty kick ass catsuit if I do say so myself.

Jim Penny said...

It goes very well with the bitch boots.

The Crow said...

Glitter is your color, Hon!


The Crow said...

Glitter is your color, Hon!


The Crow said...

Sorry, Jim - Google said the first comment didn't go through and demanded I enter a new verification word.

On the other hand, you looked so damned good in glitter that it bore repeating.


Jim Penny said...

I do believe we had defined my spring look for this year!