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Monday, January 4, 2010

Virtual strip search coming to an airport near you


Security experts say high-tech imagers that detect objects beneath our clothes are vital to safe air travel. Opponents say they are intrusive and too revealing.

I really doubt any of this technology solves the problem.

Body scanners are being ordered in abundance. TSA agents will soon be able to count your body piercings from the comfort of an ergonomically designed office chair.

You might want to apply for a new job with the TSA to get a little seat time for yourself.

I have two questions.

First, we have a group of people who keep their women (possessive pronoun use intentional) covered with something called a burka, though it's often spelled a little different.

I suspect this body scanner is going to defeat the purpose for wearing this kind of clothing.

The other question speaks to our systemic problem with the suicide bomber. Most of what we do to defend ourselves is defeated by a person willing to die for the opportunity to kill a few of us.

Consider the Bumm Bomber, mentioned briefly in the WaPo article. Think suicide bomber with a bomb in suppository form and a remote detonator, perhaps in the form of a call phone.

I doubt the body scanner is going to find such a bomb.

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1 comment:

jk said...

These scare me and I would feel extremely invaded if I were forced to submit to one.

Just because it's faster doesn't mean it's not a strip search.

How long until they start implementing them at other "high security" points such as government buildings and banks.