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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Stepping out

What possessed me? Two Saturday nights in a row? People will start to talk.

Bro and I started at the Burrough for dins. We succeeded. I fussed about the clever signage on the bathroom doors. I doubt they change the signs.

Afterwards, we went to Legends for the early drag show. Does it count for going out if you're drinking water? At 9 pm?

I thought not.

The ladies in blue came out. Would you be surprised to learn that I tapped my foot on occassion?

Mary first did Reba, then Dolly.

Later, I found myself in a pinball machine.

And lost myself in the tinkling serenade of the electronic fountain.

Meanwhile, my bottle of water sat in the darkness on the table just beyond the candle's gentle reach.

I do know how that bottle must feel.

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