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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Spanish 16-Year-Old Undergoes Sex Change Operation


The Buzz: A 16-year-old Spaniard has had a sex change operation, becoming the country's first minor to undergo a procedure that few countries in the world allow for people so young, a doctor said Tuesday.

It is very rare that TG surgeries make the news any more. I suppose our attention spans are occupied with more current events, and when this notice appeared in the HuffPo last night, I was somewhat taken a back.

For the briefest moment, I expected the article was associated in some manner with the earthquake catastrophe in Haiti.

But no. The article is here because of the age of the patient.

16. Very young for TG surgery, but quite old enough to have processed gender for well over yen years.

When you think about something 24/7 for ten years or more, you might be surprised just how refined your conceptualizations are. I doubt this boy was misguided in the least.

Of course, our TG friends can have some of the hardest rows to hoe. Many, of not most, never make it to the point this peep made simply because they lack the money to even consider, much less pursue, gender reassignment surgery.

Our Spanish peep had the luxury of a fortuitous birth. Now, let's hope the spring cotillion works out as well.

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