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Monday, January 11, 2010

Some hookah bars ignoring N.C. smoking ban


Smoking? Indoors? In North Carolina?


Surely this be the end of time!

Oh grow up. First, it's a freakin' hookah bar. If you don't want the smoke, don't go in. It's real simple.

Use the same response as you would a cigar bar.

The problem is our legislature cannot see past its collective nose. I doubt an honorable has ever darkened a hookah bar door.

Now, here's the legal rub.

Rub 1: Hookah bar owners and supporters say the tobacco is never lit, but is heated by charcoal.

Rub 2: They point to part of the law that defines "smoking" as "the use or possession of a lighted cigarette, lighted cigar, lighted pipe, or any other lighted tobacco product."

The honorables created a loophole yet again.

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