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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Slobs on a plane

OK people, y'all have got to get a grip on your comportment in my bathroom if you're going to continue using it.

Otherwise, you can travel with a cup or something. Maybe a diaper.

Jim's Exhibit #1.

Let's work on draining the freaking sink, people. How hard is it? You push the little round button on the spiquot until the water is gone.

Jim's Exhibit #2

The water goes in the sink and the commode. It does not go on the floor. Good grief! It's just like it is at home, people. Do I need to make you travel with a mop?

Your mother is NOT on this plane!

Jim's exhibit #3

Just how dirty is your hairy bohuncus, and why can you not leave the seat a little better than you found it?

And why would you leave a small piece of paperboard on the seat anyway? It's a lot of trouble to tear it off and then place it just so.

You could have more easily put it all on the trash.

Your bathroom privs on my plane are going to disappear rapidly if you don't shape up.

Location:Tampa International Airport,Tampa,United States

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