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Monday, January 4, 2010

Sleep Challenge 2010: Women, It's Time to Sleep Our Way to the Top. Literally.


A sad truth: ""Women are significantly more sleep-deprived than men," confirms Michael Breus, Ph.D., author of Good Night: The Sleep Doctor's 4-Week Program to Better Sleep and Better Health. "They have so many commitments, and sleep starts to get low on the totem pole. They may know that sleep should be a priority, but then, you know, they've just got to get that last thing done. And that's when it starts to get bad."

The decision before you: "Consider the fact that sleep deprivation is a strategy many cults are fond of: They force prospective members to stay awake for extended periods, up for all hours because doing so physically alters their subjects' decision-making ability and makes them more open to persuasion. Ladies, the choice is ours. Do we want to be empowered women taking charge of our lives -- or do we want to be cult members, dragging ourselves around like zombies and going along with everyone else's crummy ideas?"

So what are you going to do? And we can go ahead and lump the men in this group. They're as bad off as the women, not that I want to minimize the differential gender impact of sleep deprivation.

We are poor sleepers as a nation, and I'll lay most of the blame on a Puritan history and too many Type A personalities in corporate management who are quick to call nap a waste.

What a better world we would have if nap time were enforced at all ages.

A sad fact: "The workaholism leads to lack of sleep, which in turn leads to never being able to do your best. In fact, many women do this on purpose, fueled by the mistaken idea that getting enough sleep means you must be lazy or less than passionate about your work and your life."

And a truth you'll probably reject: "In fact, we may be surprised to find out that if we sleep more, we become more powerful. After all, we've already broken glass ceilings in Congress, space travel, sports, business and the media -- just imagine what we can do when we're fully awake."

Now, let's get out there and get those naps!

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