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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Should it stay or should it go: The journey pauses

I wonder if Journey Church deals with pauses? It should.

We started back in December, growing this facial fur. A week ago, I realized it was time to figure out how to manage to growing mess.

And of course, we received suggestions, one from the UK that I will not follow.

And now we have an action plan with actionable items!

The first of which was excuted with a bib!

The results of the first action item head to work.

And a very cold reality calls for an end to further exploration.

We are where we shall remain for a while.


The Crow said...

I say keep the goatee and 'stache - looks good on you, friend.

Jim Penny said...

Many thanks, crow! We'll revisit this matter directly after the thaw.