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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Report: N.C. still gets mostly Fs on tobacco control


The American Lung Association gave a "C" and three "Fs" to North Carolina in its annual State of Tobacco Control report of the 50 states and federal government released Tuesday.

North Carolina had all "Fs" one year ago.

The American Lung Association needs to get a grip, and yes, continue its mission in the process.

There's a great deal of pro-tobacco history in North Carolina, and that leads to a lot of inertia to counter the anti-smoking momentum that is decidely growing.

I mean c'mon! Smoking was permitted in the legislature not so very long ago. Restaurants went smoke-free just this month.

Could we have a min to catch our breath, so to speak, and be grateful for the improved scores we received this year?

Meanwhile, we'll try to bring in a few more Yankees to keep the momentum growing.

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