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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Musician: Conan Spent $500,000 On Tom Hanks's 9-Second Walk-Out Song


Conan's last show had Tom Hanks as a guest.

Tom Hanks was a final guest on Conan's last "Tonight Show," and if one trusty tweet is to be believed, Conan blew $500,000 on Hanks' walk-out song. When Hanks entered from behind a curtain to go to his seat, the band played The Beatles "Lovely Rita," which costs NBC half a million dollars.

The drummer tweeted: yo i hate spoiling but i will have you know that walk on song we just heard was half a milli. i know cause i got the list rate at nbc.


I need to find something that would net me a half million in the time it takes Tim Hanks to walk to center stage.

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