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Monday, January 11, 2010

Most OK with TSA full-body scanners


Survey says! Air travelers strongly approve of the government's use of body scanners at the nation's airports even if the machines compromise privacy, a USA TODAY/Gallup poll finds.

One man says! "It would seem much more thorough than the process that we're doing now," poll respondent Joel Skousen, 38, of Willcox, Ariz., said. "It would put me more at ease getting on a plane."

This Old Queen says! Is it like we have a choice in the matter, aside from staying home or finding alternative transportation?

Besides, privacy is so yesterday.

More to the point, all this change presents is higher airport fees. Security is not improved one wit.

Any idiot willing to kill himself, or herself, for the opportunity to kill a few of us has no problem with shoving a bomb into a body cavity, and then pursuing that strange business per usual.

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