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Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Manhattan Declaration- where does it lead? Church’s Hate Gay Agenda


See how pretty and formal hate can be?

Which part of that do you suppose was started by a poor carpenter?

Here's the scary buzz by Melanie Nathan: "With the potential to give all Church’s a bad rap, a diverse group of Christian leaders joined together Nov. 20 to declare a commitment to defend the sanctity of human life, biblical marriage and religious liberty without compromise. One hundred and fifty evangelical, Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox signers said they were coming together to “embrace our obligation” to speak and act in support of the dignity of all human beings, marriage as the union of a man and a woman, and the freedom to express religious convictions. It is imperative that Church leaders and those of faith who disagree with this, not remain silent, but provide the backlash such hate deserves."

And so while the homosexual agenda so often cited by these organizations of religous hate remains unwritten, the formalization of hate under the mantel of the church marches forward.

And oh yes, there are political intentions. Here's what's happened before using very similar rhetoric.

Sad history: "Let us not forget the way the various Churches and doctrines have been used to pronounce upon policy through the world over many an era; in modern times we can look to the abhorrent example of Apartheid. Born from Calvinism in Europe and transported to South Africa via the arrival of Jan Van Riebeck in 1652 on the Shores of the Cape, developed a group who considered themselves a nation of people, the Afrikaner, a white minority in Southern Africa. They used gunpowder and bible under the Dutch Reform Church’s teachings to ensure that black people were ruled undeserving of equality, that black Africans had an inferior place, one of servitude in a society of religious fervor. In 1949 Apartheid was born, a direct concomitant of these interpretations of the Bible and that birth was engendered in the form of LAW, yes legislation that declared racial prejudice legal, but also institutionalized the required compliance with its discriminatory codes."

It's a shame most people can't see through the mantel of the church and recognize the hate that so often lurks there.

Onward Christian soldiers indeed.

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