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Friday, January 15, 2010

Man Claims He's Allergic To Electronics, Sues Neighbor For Using WiFi


The problem: A Santa Fe man who alleges he suffers from "electromagnetic allergies" is suing his neighbor because she refuses to turn off her gadgets, he claims.

According to the Santa Fe Reporter, Arthur Firstenberg, the plaintiff, has been sleeping at friends' homes or in his car to avoid the electromagnetic waves created by his neighbor Raphaela Monribot's cell phone, wireless network, computer, compact fluorescent lightbulbs and dimmer switches.

What happens: Firstenberg claims he suffers from Electromagnetic Sensitivity, or EMS, which induces "nausea, vertigo, diarrhea, ringing in the ears, severe headaches and body aches, crippling joint pains, insomnia, impaired vision, impaired muscular control," as well as other potentially life-threatening ailments.

As you might expect, these peeps are having trouble making their case, most likely because they lack any real evidence for the problems they claim.

Their real problem is going to be finding a place in which they can live. EM radiation is a fact of life in this corner of the world.

I'm not even sure another planet is going to work, what with sunspots and all.

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