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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Making my birthday cookies, Part 1

Yes! You guessed it! My birthday is coming soon, and we must prepare.

So what does a bitter old queen need for the birthday? Aside from cash. And real estate.


Wash the pot.

Yes, in warm soapy water.

Fetch and melt the only stick of butter you have. One minute in the microwave should be sufficient.

Add butter to the grocery list.

Put the melted butter in the pot.

Add some olive oil to make up for the shameful lack of butter.

Make a note to brag to the cardiologist.

Add more eggs than normal because you bought too many eggs last week when the Thundering Herd was here.

Stir a lot.

Add a bunch of sugar and stir some more.

Splash in more vanilla flavoring than you think you need.

Stir more. Sample the batter no matter what the scouts say about raw eggs. Nothing this good can ever hurt you.

Add some self-rising flour. Keep the bag out because you'll probably need to add more.

Fetch your birthday pecans.

The ones HaRay helped crack.

Put the entire bag in the batter, except for the little pieces at the bottom. That's where HaRay hides those special pecan bitters.

Eat the little pieces with much caution.

Are those pecans good or what?

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