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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Is flying still worth the hassle? 27% of U.S. travelers say 'no'


The question: Do you think flying is still worth the hassle? Or are you just as likely to travel as ever? Share your thoughts.

The takeaway: More than one-quarter of American travelers now don't think so, a new USA TODAY/Gallup Poll finds. The survey, taken Jan. 5-6, reveals that 27% of those who've flown round trip at least twice during the past year are more likely now than in the past to travel by car, train or another mode of transportation to avoid the inconveniences of flying.

But on the flip side: Not everyone is deterred by security procedures and airline policies. The flip side of the poll: 72% are as likely to travel by plane now as before. A majority don't object to security procedures. Sixty percent are satisfied with the price of their tickets, compared with 40% who aren't.

What we have here is insight into just how much punishment most Americans are willing to endure for a vacation or a paycheck.

In my case, it's for that check. I am unlikely to fly for pleasure, though I'd make an exception to visit #1 Son in Florida. Of course, I drove that trip the last time I took it.

Airports and airlines, however, need to look closer. Although this mess is not all their doing, they do have to function within this context, and a quarter of their customers are disgruntled. That figure would be alarming, if not the kiss of death, to just about any other industry.

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