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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Irish atheists use Bjork, Mark Twain to challenge blasphemy law


Atheist Ireland has published "blasphemous" quotations from Bjork, pictured, Mark Twain and Salman Rushdie.

Well, here we go. How often do we consider the countries of those islands to be beyond us in enlightened thinking?

That'd be daily in this house.

Ireland, the home of Guiness, has passed a new law making blasphemy illegal. I'd be doomed before I left the house.

When the law was passed: "Lawmakers in staunchly Catholic Ireland passed the law in July, but it came into force January 1."

Here's what the thinking peeps are doing: "An Irish atheist group has published a series of quotations on religion in an attempt to challenge a blasphemy law that went into effect on New Year's Day."

From whence the quotations come: "The 25 "blasphemous" quotations include the words of Jesus, Mohammed, Mark Twain, Salman Rushdie and Bjork."

Twain? Blasphemous? Who knew? He also had some choice comments regarding race relations.

Crap like this quickly serves only to stifle any new thought, and what you get is simple-minded dogmatic recitation.

Visit any Baptist Sunday morning service for detail. Or just listen to the news broadcasts in which Muslim extremists explain themselves.

Here's the penalty for free thought and expression in Ireland: "Atheist Ireland published the list on its Web site Friday. It says it aims to challenge the law, which makes blasphemy a crime punishable by a €25,000-($35,800) fine."

Folks, this is not some 500 year old law rearing its ugly head here in the new age of enlightenment. Oh no!!! This law is the fruit of last summer coming to bear on the thinkers of Ireland with the turn of the new year.

You can thank the Catholic church for this one. Apparently, the Catholics are borrowing from the Muslims and Baptists these days.

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