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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Iran demands West accept counter plan on nuclear program


Pic also from CNN.

Iranian Foreign Minister Manounchehr Mottaki gave no details of the Iran's new counteroffer to the West.

So Iran wants to build its own nukes, perhaps even continuing the ruse of nuclear power for use in the nation. That a nation with such oil and sunshine reserved as Iran would want to invest in nuclear power is hardly even a laughable cover for a nuclear weaponry program.

As a sovereign nation, Iran may certainly build nuclear arms as it chooses. That its government can do so in the face of social programs that need attention and remain in power speaks to some really screwed up political processes.

But not to worry. The American Right Wingnuts will be in power again one day, and they'll have targets already selected in Iran.

Unless Israel beats them to the punch.

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