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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I boarded a plane with an aerosol can


There is heightened security for those travelling to and around America.

The dirty deed: "How then was I was able to unwittingly carry a 200ml hairspray can - twice the liquid limit - onto a Qantas flight to the US, after two separate supposedly rigorous security checks?"

That was not me personally, though i've been in that boat several times by accident.

Clarification: "Let me make it clear, there was no intention to flout the rules. It wasn't an attempt to test the rigour of the new security. It was a mistake on my part to put the aerosol can in my hand luggage."

More often than not, I forget to take out my baggie full of 3-1-1 compliant stuff, and I've had no issue issue with clearing security in the last 18 months.

Maybe I'm just lucky. If that's the case, could we rub a little off onto a lottery ticket?

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