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Friday, January 8, 2010

How to start the new year without going to jail, much less whomping someone who needs it upside the head



It's the first book that's up right now. The author lists a technique for letting go of those thoughts and feelings that can make us eligible for becoming a ward if the state.

Let me put her stuff right here without embellishment.

Step 1: Find some paper, at least four sheets (No computers, text or PDF devices allowed). It has to be handwritten. I like light blue, lined notepads from Staples best. Place your pen or pencil on the paper and begin writing for a minimum of five minutes (15 is better) without stopping or allowing your scribing utensil to leave the paper. Write exactly what comes into your mind: every negative, nasty, judgmental, mean, cruel, explicit, hostile, threatening, and reprehensible thought you have. Hold nothing back. No one is exempt since you will NEVER read this diatribe nor will anyone else. It doesn't matter if it makes sense or not, just write.

Step 2: You get the drift. Keep writing until you have exhausted your negative thoughts. Hold back nothing. Then do one of two things. If at all possible, burn the paper in a safe place like a fireplace. I don't advise ashtrays, lawns, or garbage cans because Murphy's crap-shoveling law will probably result in a fire. If burning your pages is not an option, tear them up into small pieces and throw them away. Flush them and watch them swirl away down the toilet. Do not, under any circumstances, read what you have written. Let it all go.

I find this advice somewhat elementary. OK, it's substantially elementary. Perhaps that's because I hone my hard feelings to a fine point. Perhaps because I given to the occassional Julia Sugarbaker Moment, though with coarser language.

More likely because I think such pop-psych dribble is aimed only to make money under the guise of helping people, when the cold reality is that this dribble does little for people beyond lightening wallets.

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