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Saturday, January 2, 2010

'Real hero' Sullenberger leads 2010 Rose Parade


Sulley retains his hero status.

That he holds it tells us that Americans, at least those in the media, have lost touch with what being a hero is about, and I believe Sulley would be the first to agree that he is no hero, something just about any pilot will agree with.

Sulley is a well-trained pilot with a cool head, just like most other pilots. Landing on water is something he's practiced dozens, if not hundreds, of times in flight simulators.

Solid training in combination with a naturally cool head leads to just what we witnessed repeatedly on TV several months ago. Every pilot out there will tell you the same thing, and I heard the cadet version of this story just yesterday.

Pilots are some of the coolest, calmest, most self-assured, confident people on this planet. If a pilot discovers a thread of self-doubt, the reason for that self-doubt is quickly chased away with additional training.

Pilots, like the rest of us, can be heros, but not by following training alone. Heroism rises in the face of sure defeat, and turns defeat on it's heels, chasing it from the now.

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