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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Gerard Butler's Belly Will Be the End to Hollywood's Beauty Double Standard


Butler now.

Butler then.

"From Spartan to softie: Gerard Butler packs on the holiday pounds and shows off his new beach body," reads the headline in the New York Daily News . "Gerard Butler packs some paunch on his Barbados holiday as his Spartan muscles become a distant memory," says the U.K.'s Daily Mail . Celebitchy cuts right to the chase with, "Gerard Butler shows off his gut & moobs in Barbados."

Oh dear. He ate too much during the holidays, I suppose. There is no way he will be allowed on a pretty people site anytime soon.

Of course, I doubt he needs the services of such a site.

This brings to light the double standard regarding body mass index for women and men.

Gawker writes: "These are the types of headlines usually reserved for female celebs like the Olsen twins, who are a constant source of speculation for being either too fat or dangerously thin.

"Jessica Simpson, who got the " Fat Jessica: Still Hot?" treatment when she gained a couple pounds last year. Britney Spears is only in the tabs good graces now that she has lost the weight from her Video Music Awards debacle in 2007."

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