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Friday, January 15, 2010

Gay pageant 'cancelled by police' in China


The Chinese winner would have gone on to the Worldwide Mr Gay contest.

The whole world was thinking China was doing a very good thing. But now I think everybody will be disappointed.
Jiang Bo
Mr Gay China contestant

What happened: A Chinese gay pageant, said to be the first held in the country, was ordered by police to close an hour before opening, organisers say.

The stated reason: Organisers said police informed them it could not go ahead because they had not applied "according to the procedures".

A little history: In June last year, the organisers of China's first Gay Pride Festival were told to cancel two of their sessions - and that they would face "severe consequences" if they went ahead.

For as sad as it is, I must admit some amusement over Christian fundamentalists, Ugandan lawmakers, and Chinese officials being on the same sick boat.

Would that boat were literal, not metaphorical.

None are ready for life in a modern world. It's a shame we don't have a retrograde planet for them.

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