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Friday, January 15, 2010

Gay couple walk out of homophobic tirade called a sermon


Jon Mack, left, and his partner, Michael Garrett ended their affiliation with Greater Mount Calvary Holy Church last week. (DC Agenda photo by Michael Key)

What they did: Jon Mack and his partner, Michael Garrett, said their one-year tenure as members of Greater Mount Calvary Holy Church in Northeast D.C. came to an abrupt end last week.

The pastor bleated: “Sex is only pleasing to God in the marriage bed, and the marriage bed is a man and … a woman!” Owens shouted from the pulpit, with hundreds in the church pews shouting their approval, according to accounts by Mack and Garrett.

And you knew this in 2006: “It takes a real man to confess Jesus as Lord and Savior,” he said in the 2006 sermon. “I’m not talking about no faggot or no sissy. … Let the real men come down here and take a bow — all the real men. I’m talking about straight men. … Praise God that you’re straight.”

The couple has found another church, one that is affirming of gay and lesbian. My only question is what took them so long. Betty Butterfield would have been out that door sooner.

I personally have no desire to affiliate with any of the religions I have so far discovered, leaving me to sympathize with Betty.

However, periodically, I will be invited to a local church. When I hear the silence that follows my question about gay parishoners, the moment is usually over. Occassionally, the silence is replaced with a long winded response about being welcoming to all people. The Journey Church was one such response.

You'd think they'd just burn that cross and get it over with.

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