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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Foreign Companies Resent China’s Rules


The Buzz: Google is far from alone among Western companies in its growing unhappiness with Chinese government policies, although it is highly unusual in threatening to pull out of the country entirely in protest.

Western companies contend that they face a lengthening list of obstacles to doing business in China, from “buy Chinese” government procurement policies and growing restrictions on foreign investments to widespread counterfeiting.

It is good to see Google find its spine and offer to leave China. Now if only Yahoo! and Microsoft can locate their own spines and do the right thing.

You do not have to look far to see the common thread among companies that fail in China, and most fail. They are greedy, looking for the huge payout that is predicated on a series of percentages that at some point is applied to that monstrous population with a subsequent multiplication by some dollar amount.

It is usually a fool's game.

The Chinese government is not composed of simpletons. They are easily as smart as us, and they know we grow dumb when we become greedy, and we're always greedy where China is concerned.

Folks, they see you coming from miles away. They set the stage. They let you do your thing. They take what they want when they want it, and they send you home when they're done.

It's real simple, and it happens with full reports daily if you bother to read the business news, but as long as those blinders built from greed exist, you're gonna waltz in like the Great American Hope, be taken for the fool you are, and sent home with a much obliged until you're better paid.

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