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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Delta raises fees for checked bags


Many passengers who fly Delta will find higher fees for checked baggage.

CNN highlights
1, Online charges for checked bags will be $23 for the first bag, $32 for the second
2. That's an $8 and $7 increase from current rates, respectively
3. Checking in bags at airport will be even more: $25 for first bag, $35 for second
4. New rates apply to tickets purchased on or after January 5

Here's my modest proposal for air travel.

1. Sedate all passengers at least to a moderate level. Perhaps higher.

2. Stow each sedated passenger in a 1x2x6.25 foot lightweight box. Sedated passengers of size will not notice the stuffing.

3. Stack boxes.

4. Load boxes on the plane with a fork lift.

5. Fly.

6. Unload boxes with another fork lift unless the original fork lift can travel with the plane, perhaps stuck to the rear of the plane like the fork lifts we see on the end of a brick truck.

I can elaborate on these steps as necessary.

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