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Monday, January 4, 2010

Cattle shown to align north-south


Cattle partake in some directional grazing.

The great reveal: "Images from Google Earth have confirmed that cattle tend to align their bodies in a north-south direction."

How many years on the farm, and I never noticed this?

This sense may be quite widespread in the animal kingdom.

The literal headache: "The researchers surveyed Google Earth images of 8,510 grazing and resting cattle in 308 pasture plains across the globe."

Czeck deer? Same thing: "The researchers also recorded the body positions of 2,974 wild deer in 277 locations across the Czech Republic.

"Their fieldwork revealed that the majority of grazing and resting deer face northward. About one-third of the deer faced southward."

Forest dormitory: Deer "beds" are seen in a line.

We should ruminate on this.

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