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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Back from the Bahamas and smacked with a $3,600 phone bill


The Sadness: "Wayne Sawyer vacationed with his family in the Bahamas for four days in November and returned home to an unwelcome surprise - a $3,600 bill from Verizon Wireless."

Wayne did not understand how data roaming works for his two phones and his netbook. With sufficient whining, he got Verizon to accept a portion of the bill.

The thing is that Verizon limy had to take it on the chin because the Bahamian wireless company probably didn't agree to the settlement.

I have international roaming enabled on my phone plan, but the phone has data roaming disabled. I do not mind the occassional brief call coming through when I'm out of the States, but data is too punishing to permit.

But there's more than just the charge for data use.

Years ago, I had an AT&T aircard briefly for home net access. It was about the most unreliable thing I've ever used. After turning it off and ending the data plan, I had data charges for the next two months at a per bit charge.

What AT&T did not tell me is that data charges are delayed by nearly a season.

That was an expensive and painful lesson.

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