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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Whodat?!! TV shot after Saints win


OK, apparently a certified Coonass bet his Facebook buds that if the Saints won, they could all come over and shoot his TV. A 60-inch TV.

Oh, the humanity!

Amid unending shouts of Whodat?!, the TV is escorted out of the house, positioned for summary execution between the barn and the woods, and a dozen or so men open fire with about every weapon possible except a bow.

You just gotta wonder sometimes.

Of course, the YouTube vid has seen over a quarter-million hits, and ESPN has picked it up.

I'm thinking this vid is more appropriate for Tosh 2.0, and I'll be watching Tosh closely for the next while.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, don't you think it's reasonable for the Saints to pick up the tab for a replacement TV. I mean, you couldn't create, much less purchase, such exquisitely targeted advertising with all the talent on Madison Avenue.

This vid is pitched perfectly, if ever so unintentionally, at the Saints fans in Lousiana, and likely beyond.

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