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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What’s Your Temperature? Rethinking 98.6


With a pretty graphic from the NY Times.

We generally become cooler as we age. Did we not know that already? Just look at the neverending coolness that is me, and I'm older than dirt.

Oh, as in temperature? Gotcha.

But I was a firm 98.8F at 0845 yesterday morning. Yet again, I represent the exception to the rule.

Here's the gist from the Times' blog: "Not only is the average “normal” temperature lower than previously thought — it’s close to 98.2 degrees — but body temperature can drop as a person gets older. This means that in a person with a lower-than-expected body temperature, a fever spike of a few degrees could go undetected."

Let's noodle on for additional details.


Oh dear, let me save you some trouble. Old farts like me run cooler than the average population.

No news there.

This means that we can have substantial infections and fevers that don't look all that bad when viewed through a thermometer.

Bear that in mind the next time I tell you that I'm bad off sick.

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