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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Walmart Sued Over Surveillance Camera in Bathroom


Oh dear, loss prevention at a Walmart installed a surveillance camera in a unisex bathroom near the Tire and Lube(!!!) section.

I am so biting my tongue!

BTW, the better name these days for a unisex bathroom is gender neutral. Sadly, we know without looking this bathroom is a one-holer, meaning it's one person at the time.

A more reasonable design is a regular many-stall bathroom open to whoever needs it at the time.

For example, last Monday, I was in desparate need at a Chick Filet, and someone had set up housekeeping in the one stall of the men's room. After scouting the area, I bolted for the ladies' room.

Oh yeah, it's gender neutral now.

But back to the Walmart story.

Of course, there is some reasonable expectation of privacy in a bathroom, even one in the workplace.

Here's the no-no that put Walmart in court this time: "The attorney representing the plaintiffs says three of the employees were dismissed from their jobs after complaining about the camera."

Walmart never learns.

This is not the first time Walmart has been heavy handed in it's treatment of employee complaints, and it's just one more reason to never spend money in one of those monstrous boxes.

It's also not the first time an organization has gone too far to identify employees involved in things like theft and illegal drug use. It won't be the last time either.

We appear to have a surplus of marginal intelligence rising through the ranks of management.

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