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Saturday, December 26, 2009

TSA imposes new restrictions on fliers following failed bomb attempt


So how did this half-ass attempt to bring down a plane change the way the traveling public engages the airports.

We have increased up close and personal attention of the very type that has generally fails to catch anything outside the obvious.

We have pat downs at the gates. These are designed to prevent those who would board early from boarding until the last cubic millimeter of overhead space us taken. If you're flying Southwest, you have not only just lost the money you paid to board early, but you're also flying in a middle seat towards the rear of the plane. Don't you feel so safe?

You may have only one carry-on bag. Well OK, I'm all in favor of this one. While we're at it, might we also enforce the existing limits on the freakin' size of the carry-on. Since the airlines generally started charging to take clothes with you on a trip, the on-going abuse of carry-on limits had escalated through the roof.

Westjet in Canada plans hand-on inspections of all carry-on bags headed to the US. Probably, they're looking for those Cuban cigars.

You'll have to remain seated during the last part of the flight. Remember not being able to stand during the last 30 minutes of the flights into DC? Our friends at Air Canada are going to enforce a one hour rule. You'll have to remain seated during the last freakin' hour of the flight. Surely, there's a moose somewhere breathing easier over that one.

My only hope is that we've lightened up before the 5th of January when I head to Austin for work. Connecting in Midway is scarry enough without adding the nonsense as determined by the apparently non-traveling TSA management.

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