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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

TSA, Customs Agencies Still Lack Permanent Leaders


I don't have much to say about the Customs and Border Protection Agency, but if that organization is as screwed up as TSA, then they are in a hopeless and unsalvageable condition, ready for the scrap heap.

TSA is definitely hopeless. The peeps at the screening stations are about like the rest of us. They work for their money doing what Da Man tells them to do.

The problem with TSA is that Da Man is clueless regarding what security in airports and on planes means.

That TSA has no real leadership from the top is but the first problem. However, with a real leader in that top position, perhaps a little clear thinking might start to trickle down. It needs to. Of course, instead of trickle down, I'm thinking something more like a thermonuclear blast.

And then we have the reason for no leadership from the top. DeMint (R-SC) has been holding up the appointment hearing. He's worried that the current candidate would permit TSA screeners to unionize.

Unionize? TSA Screeners?

I'm going to give the devil his due on this one. I'm generally in favor of permitting unions, but as currently positioned, those TSA agents are the gate keepers for air travel in these united states.

Now, we already know the agents will find sufficient reason to strike because their management has it's collective head firmly up its collective bohuncus, and that a strike by these agents will shutdown air travel.

We wouldn't need terrorists in that event.

To this end, the whole enterprise of safeguarding American travel, especially air travel, is totally fubar, and we are doomed as best I can tell until we have transporters from Star Trek.

If the Customs and Border Protection Agency is similarly fubar, we are in a heap of do-do.

It likely is, and we surely are.

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