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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Too cold to even think of stepping out

The temperature is 25F, feeling like 15. This means I'm eating in the hotel restaurant. Given that I'm in a discounted Holiday Inn, my initial thought was sadness.

Remember Jimmy Buffett's Cheese Burger in Paradise? "Warm beer and bread. It's enough to wake the dead, but it reminds me of the menu at a Holiday Inn."

I'm thinking as I descend the elevator that this could be a fast and pray trip until I figure how to get over to the real food across the street.

I was in for a pleasant surprise at Michael's Grille.

The table, of course, is decorated for the season.

And my waitress didn't harrumph too much when I just ordered water.

The seafood bisque had a dollop of crab in the middle. I think it would have benefited from a dash of cracked pepper, but I found it sufficient as it was.

The salad came with Ranch dressing on the side. The dressing was made on site. Again, some cracked black pepper would have worked well here.

It all made for a pleasant salad even without the pepper.

Of course, there are warm rolls and cold butter. I ate one roll.

I brought the other two up to my room for a snack later or perhaps tomorrow morning.

They should take the butter up a notch.

I ordered the small fillet with rice. It also came with three asparagus tips and a side of green beans.

Three asparagus tips? That still puzzles me.

This chef understands what a rare steak is. It is so uncommon for a chef to believe I really do want that hunk of beef danged near resuscitatable.

This fellow knows, and I sent my compliments to the kitchen. BTW, the fillet was stuffed with crab, which was interesting, though by no means necessary.

I think the restaurant, or at least the chef, will be the hotel's salvation.

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