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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tea Bagger Worried His Magic Prayers Made God Kill Sen. Inhofe

Taken from the tweet: No, really: http://bit.ly/8koJC3 (via @AskAManager)

I think I said the other night that I might just have seen it all.

I was wrong.

Here we have a man calling CSPAN worried that the prayers for the death of a democratic senator have backfired and taken a republican. (The R just missed a vote. He was not out meeting his maker.)

If only it were that easy.

I do not believe that any other report so accurately frames the abject ignorance of those who carry the teabagger label, and you really have to wonder just how this will be received in the foreign press. I can see the Irish Times having a field day with this one.

More to the point, where are the ministers who should be tending to this flock. Those lambs need some serious attention.

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