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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Taliban blow up Pakistan girls school


So the Taliban blows up girl's schools in retaliation for military operations against the Taliban and its supporters.

Of course, it's not like the education of women is all that important.

The question is how does a paramilitary outfit take root and grow to such proportions in a lawed nation. All nations have their share of violent misfits, but very few of those misfit bands are able to grow to such proportions as we see with the Taliban.

And the Taliban did not spring forth just yesterday. Neither did the erstwhile host countries, each of which would lay claim to being a nation of laws.

They are not. At most, we're seeing an amalgation of tribal units, few of which will trust the others.

Mostly, we have pictures, names, and lines on maps. We do not have much semblance of what might be called a nation in most places, and for that reason, paramilitary groups such as the Taliban find what they need to flourish.

It's too bad intelligence gathering isn't what we're led to believe it can be. If it were, a few cruise missles could easily resolve this problem.

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