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Thursday, December 31, 2009

A tale told by two idiots

We're at the Coats' Country Museum. We are not inside. Yet

The museum was left by my great uncle and aunt to the community and the local home demonstration club. Along with several hundred thousand dollars.

The money is gone now, mostly. A clause in the will permitted the club to dip into the principle to maintain the place.

Husbands with some carpentry skills did very well.

I grew up with this mess, and my attitude shows it.

Here's the front of the house.

Tink and Addie did not build that ramp. They were too cheap. They would just call neighbors to help them up or down the steps.

I was one of those neigbors.

Tink and Addie had indoor plumbing.

This rock caps the septic system. Lift it, and you can see Tink's turds.

Here's the back of the house.

Addie's rose bush grafted from her college graduation is gone. So are the daffodils.

My brother planted this pine tree. The building is where Tink was born.

Here's a closer view of Tink's birthplace. There's a tobacco ordering pit in the rear.

This is the back of the house proper, the house where all the money was spent.

Tink pushed his brother Lon down those steps. Lon hit his head and died. Tink told the sherrif and coroner that Lon was drunk and fell. The local federalies believed Tink because Lon was the local drunk.

Here's the bell tower.

It's as deep in the ground as it is tall. Yeah, it's also the local lightening rod. Tink wanted something like the bell tower I'm Chapel Hill.

This is the best he could do.

The bells need maintenance.

I might see Jesus in that moss. More likely, I see reason to exercise the clause in the will to have this mess sold at public auction because the club is neglecting it.

The museum is full of junk from the last hundred years. The stuff on the outside looks a lot like the stuff on the inside.

Think your grandmother's attic without any of the charm.

Location:Zacks Mill Rd,Angier,United States

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