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Monday, December 21, 2009

‘Stealth disease’ – Secrecy’s price can be venture ending


How many times do we have to see this delightful and often company-ending mistake. You think you have a good idea. You think you're the only one who's had that idea. You're afraid someone will steal your precious and earth-shattering idea.

So you keep it a secret. You work on it in private, asking no questions because someone might leak your idea. You also don't get any feedback from those who would use your idea and give you money in the process.

Then you're done. Your precious idea and creation rolls out. There might be a splash, and then you look around to see that several other people have had and acted on very similar, but not identical, ideas.

And some of those executions are better than yours, especially if your new competitor bothered to ask a consumer a few developmental questions along the way.

Instead of changing the path of the sun as it crosses the sky, instead of becoming the new Bill in your corner of the world, you find yourself as what people call a poorly done also-ran. You'll sell it to a very few who don't know any better. After that, you pack up and go home.

The question is: Did you learn anything?

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