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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Senator Caught Calling Flight Attendant A 'B*tch'

Senator Caught Calling Flight Attendant A 'B*tch' HuffPost - http://bit.ly/6LJHKo

This is one thing that just drives me crazy on airplanes.

First, let's be real clear on one point. I do not believe the cellphone exists that can bring down a plane as described by the FAA regs. If that really were the case, there would be a wrapper of aluminum foil around the cockpit.

How-the-frick-ever, the flight attendants are charged with enforcing FAA rules on passengers, regardless of how stupid the numbnutted FAA rule makers are.

This means that your cell phone goes off when they close the freaking door unless you're stuck on the tarmac with a ground delay. So, why is your call so important that you can hold up the whole rest of the plane?

We need to be very clear one more time. You are NOT that important. What you do is NOT that important. If you think you are and it is, you need a reality check.

It's about time you got over yourself. A counselor might be in order, but I have an axe handle that'd be far more efficient and effective.

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