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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Security Measures Intensify Passenger Restrictions


So let's see what our numbnutted nitwit from Nigeria has foisted upon the flying public, here just a very few days after his monumental failure.

Peeps coming on from France received two checks. One was the regular xray. The other was a pat down. The upshot was the flight was an hour late leaving deGaulle.

During the flight, they did not stand, use the bathroom, or touch their carry-on bags, or so reports an attendant.

I wonder how the moms with lap babies managed under those restrictions.

On a flight from Seoul, passengers had to clear their laps during the last 80 minutes of the flight. Those guys also had to get a crew member to escort them to the bathroom.

That flight had to be a joy.

So here we are in a period where air travel is down by 20% because of the pure misery that is air travel now, and the government lays on additional useless layers of bovine defecate to make the experience even less tolerable.

I suppose what we really have here is the secret takeover of the airline industry by Amtrak, but we'll need some concrete evidence to support that obvious supposition.

Meanwhile, it's about to the point where it'd be better to not do business if it involves air travel.

Skype video chat anyone?

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