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Monday, December 14, 2009

SC's DeMint: God's own idjit

GOP Senator Would Be Bothered By Openly Gay President HuffPost - http://bit.ly/6SFYlr

South Carolina appears to have some rare collections of Neanderthal DNA available for election to public office.

Well, maybe that should be pubic office for the governor.

DeMint says he would have trouble with a gay president. Hell, I'm not not even president, and I have trouble with DeMint. This buffoon is making the case for post-natal abortion clearer every day.

Obviously, Sherman's march was not as effective as we thought it was.

Oddly though, I do find myself in agreement with DeMint on one point, that being that marriage is an institution of the church. If you meet the requirements, a church may marry you, you won't have to live in sin, and when you croak, you get to go to heaven.

However, there are no tax benefits marriage. That and all the other stuff is in the purview of the state, which is obligated to provide equal rights under the law to all citizens through something we'll call civil union.

Regardless of our tenuous agreement, I'm not expecting much from DeMint for Christmas, though if he wanted to move to Uranus, I wouldn't object.

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