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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Saddleback Church members say 'Amen' to pastor's request


Rick Warren and his Saddleback abomination of a church need $900,000 by COB today. They say that with more parishioners in financial do-do, the church has spent more than it budgeted and more than it took in.

I suspect a good many churches in this world could do quite well on a yearly budget of $900,000.

More likely, Rick needs passage to Uganda to tie nooses for the soon to be executed gay people.

The parishioners seem all over this appeal. Here's how one member responded: "This is a great opportunity for God to express himself," said Jim Walls, from Trabuco Canyon, who received the news after coming home from a ski trip. "It's a great opportunity for the church to honor God. It's a great opportunity to raise the points of faith that our shepherd Rick Warren lives."

Mr. Walls appears to feel this appeal represents a great opportunity.

At 22,000 members, aka sheep being led to the slaughter, Rick needs to squeeze about $45 to $50 a head to meet his needs.

I think he should channel Oral Roberts on this one. Perhaps this time, a deity can come through on that promise when he doesn't raise enough money.

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