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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Religious violence simmers in Nigeria


Here's what our Christmas hijacker found in Nigeria: "Christians and Muslims have been killing each other in Nigeria for much of AbdulMutallab's lifetime. At least 10,000 Nigerians have died during Christian-Muslim riots and ethnic violence during the past decade."

10 years. 10,000 dead people.

That sounds about right, don't you think? Is it any wonder the nutless marvel put a bomb in his underwear?

If we even came close to that degree of civil unrest, there would be martial law just about everywhere you might turn.

I see nothing to be gained in proclaiming a nation to be an x-religion nation, even if there is a clear majority in that nation. Doing so implicitly marginalizes the other citizens present, and we don't have to travel to Nigeria to see this happen.

Just look at the United States when a group gets all hot and bothered to call the country a Christian nation. Hell, we don't even speak a single language within a religion.

We shouldn't permit religion to have a voice in government, but we do, and it leads to those exclusionary prayers that we don't have to search for all that hard to find.

However, the separation of church and state is a lost and forgotten premise. I suspect the loss of the premise foretells the loss of the nation, and frankly, I'm not all that sure the minorities here have ever been an accepted part of this nation, aside from contributions of taxes.


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