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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Red skies at morning

Red skies at morning, all sailors take warning.

This was an unusual morning today. I was awake before dawn, and watched the sun paint the morning sky red.

Yeah, an alarm clock under a pillow set to scream at 6 am can make that happen. There's a residual headache that goes with that.

So I drinking my tea, watching the weather, checking the online stuff, and I notice the growing red out the window.

I sent this pic to News 14, and Lee Ringer put it on his blog, noting there was little reason this day for sailors to be alarmed.

The Weather Channel ignored me on the Weather Out Your Window segment.

Here's a second pic that I did not send to anyone.

It just didn't strike my fancy as well, though I did think to omit the building wall this time.

The warnings should come Friday night and Saturday morning. There's a gulf low that's gonna move off our coast, and if the stars align, we could be in for frozen precip.

You should go get milk and bread now. I already have.

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