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Thursday, December 31, 2009

A quick walk around Addie and Tink Coats' homestead

After the tour of the cemetery, we stepped up to the homestead. It's changed a lot, and generally not for the better, since we grew up there.

It could still use a flush.

Here's Part 1

And here's Part 2.

Yeah, we had a technical thing happen in the backyard.


The Crow said...

I shall be returning to view these videos many times, I know, because of your stories. Walking (even if only virtually) with you and your brother and friend made me feel at home. I've been in Yankeeland too long. It is nigh time to head south to live out the rest of my life.

Your videos have reminded me of my true roots and I am homesick.

What a gift you have, friend.


Jim Penny said...

Our northern friends are quick to say that we are speaking ill of the dead and not showing respect. I beg to differ. We're telling the truth of our history, warts and all, and as a truth, there are no ill or disrespectful words.

That friend was #1 Son. He was recording on an iPhone. We just started using that capability, and as you can easily tell, we are on a learning curve with the technology.

Meanwhile, thank you for the kind words.