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Monday, December 14, 2009

President Obama To Oprah: I Give Myself a B

President Obama To Oprah: I Give Myself ... HuffPost - http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/12/13/president-obama-to-oprah_n_390584.html

If I grade him with my heart, he'd be lucky to avoid repeating the year. Let's see: Don't ask; Don't tell. ENDA. Gitmo. Afganistan.

What I'd really like to seeks Obama taking a page or two from the LBJ play book. We'd see a lot less nonsense out of Congress then, but LBJ had some 27 years in Congress, far more than Obama.

Besides, that's just not Obama's style. More to the point, LBJ was not so much concerned with building consensus.

Still, we have to give the president his due. He is about correct when he says he inherited the worst situation since FDR, and there's only so much a person can do in a day.

I wonder how the next generation will handle such messes. They'll be far better at multitasking that the current generation of leaders. We already see it happening, and social media will see that it continues. With the right cadre of advisors, the White House will need enhanced structural integrity to survive.

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