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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Prepped for a two-night road trip

We're going to Cleveland today, and I believe we have everything in a carry-on. Well, except for deoderant. Gotta stop and get one of the small deods to get past TSA.

Here's what I added to the grip while breakie was cooking.

Let's see. We have chamomile tea for my evening sipping. Remember, I trying to be gooder this season.

We have Earl Grey for the morning. It'll also be for the day, depending on how the meeting room snack table is provisioned. (It is very rare that the snack table does not suffice.)

Those green things are generic Nyquil. We encounter a lot of allergens as we travel, especially mold in the hotels. There was also that season of cleaning agent on the United planes that was concurrent with SARS. What a delight that was.

Those greenies also promote sleep when you're otherwise wired from work or jetlag.

And then there's the shiny silver thing. That's generic Prilosec. Being the old fart that I am, tum likes to digest esophogus when I'm not looking, and that makes me even grumpier than normal. Can you even imagine that?

Now where is that breakfast?

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