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Saturday, December 19, 2009

PATIENT MONEY: Not All Drugs Are the Same After All

PATIENT MONEY: Not All Drugs Are the Same After All

There is a gnawing concern among some doctors and researchers that certain prescription generic drugs may not work as well as their brand-name counterparts.


I requisition genetic drugs as a rule, having long figured that Big Brother had my back on this one. Fortunately, I don't (yet) take anything where the variations in titration levels is important.

It turns out that there are differences among generics. Timed release varies. Blood levels vary. All sorts of small problems that can be a problem with some heart and seizure meds.

Sooooo, you ask the doc and pharmacist for the real thing and hand over your insurance card, only to meet with rejection.

The insurance bean counters want you to have the generic, and they don't (yet) pay much attention to the inconvenient research. You'll have to move heaven and earth to get them to pay for the real thing.

You just have to love it. The generic makers have bean counters too, and they cut corners to make investors happy. The insurance companies follow suit for the same reason.

And what you get is the right to die while taking medicine that wa supposed to keep you alive.

More and more, I fail to see the up side to profit motives in health care.

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